Recently I was interviewed in my community. The text below documents that talk…


You are a Shaman?

What is a Shaman?
A Shaman is a conduit, an intermediary traversing between worlds. These intermediaries have existed across the globe in multi-varied cultures and eras. Indigenous Tribal Shamans may be rare now, but world-walkers ‘Shamans’ exist regardless of culture, setting or time in history.

What do you mean worlds or worldwalkers?
Generally most people perceive everyday existence, as reality, or this world. To the Shaman however reality does not just include this world, but other worlds frequented by spirits. All of this is also reality. A Shaman walks between these worlds.

Where are these other worlds?
Actually they are all here. They are not even really ‘other’, as they are here anyway; it’s just that the gateways to these other worlds are not open in most people. Gateways are open to a Shaman. A Shaman moves between these worlds.

And these worlds are frequented by spirits?

Can you give an example?
There are endless. For example, there are spirits of place. These spirits may be people or ancestors who once lived in a place, Shaman spirits, they may be animal or bird spirits, even ocean or wind spirits, or house spirits, or tree spirits.
People have guiding spirits, people may have picked up malevolent or disruptive spirits.
This other world is very much alive and just as real as the everyday world. Some of these spirits may be angry or dangerous, others placid.

And a Shaman engages these spirits? Why?
Because spirits are integral to life. They play their role in a place or a person’s life. A Shaman listens to these spirits, talks with them, is an intermediary between ‘that’ world and ‘this’ world. A Shaman helps to harmonise spirits of person or place.
All Shamans are not the same. There is not a single Shamanism. Shamans have skills and abilities in varied areas and engage with very different spirits in different ways.
A Shaman communicates with spirits because they have to, they have no choice.

You cant chose to be a Shaman. Almost anyone can have a Shamanic experience but ALL of the life of a Shaman is a Shamanic experience. There is no let-up. Shamans are born, or persons are born with the potential to be a Shaman. That potential comes about because of the make-up of the person. There needs to be certain wiring. That wiring means that gateways and connections to spirit occur. Not now and then, but always. Mostly, in the case of Shamans, that wiring becomes evident following sickness, or prolonged period of mental confusion or intense stress or pressure.
Often Shamans have health conditions like migraine, mental idiosyncrasies like schizophrenia, seizures, endocrine irregularities.
During the prolonged bout of sickness, the individual hits rock bottom, is torn apart, dies as that person. They are reborn anew. Mostly, not reborn free of the condition, but because gateways are open, they are able to listen to spirits and thus manage their unique wiring and learn how to use it beneficially. They are reborn as a Shaman, a Shaman in training.
If they don’t listen the result can be further deteriorating sickness, complete mental breakdown, insanity or even death. It is a situation of Shamanize or suffer.
There is no choice. Shamans are chosen.

When did you become a Shaman?
The short answer is I was going crazy in my late twenties. Intense mental confusion by day, hearing things, seeing things, that I was trying to manage by meditation. Wild dream-scapes by night that saw me astral travelling, massive energy rushes as I had lucid dreams and out-of-body experiences, nightmares with spirits hovering around the bed. This went on for months.
Severe migraine headaches, weird glandular activity, a war zone going on in my head.
Then one night I went into a cave not far from home. An unfamiliar harmony descended. I saw a spirit enter into me through my brow. That spirit proved to be a lifesaver. I emerged from that cave different from when I went in.

Everything was better?
No. But in the ensuing period, I learnt how to listen, feel and communicate with spirits. As I got better at this so to my wellbeing improved.
The Shaman spirit guided me.
Suffering ended. Harmony occurs.
Pain never goes, the wiring and make-up means that you feel physical pain. Often intensely, but in harmony with spirits pain becomes harmonious pain. After all, some of the spirits you encounter are not pleasant, can be treacherous and destructive. You feel all of this.

Prior to this period in your twenties did you have any contact with spirits?
I was an only child. I can recall at a very young age having three ‘imaginary’ friends. They went with me everywhere, I constantly communicated with them, and they with me. This lasted for about 3 years. Then one day I went on a camping trip with my parents and I buried them in the ashes of the fire, and that was that.
Later at about 11, I self-taught myself meditation and felt presence around me. On reflection, feeling spirits started when I was young.

You buried your friends in the campfire?
Ha, yes. It seemed appropriate at the time!

And what does shamanic work involve now?
Those situations that I encountered and similar, I now help others to overcome.

I feel the energy-body of the person. I look, I listen. Sometimes there is a disruptive spirit that needs to be released. Sometimes the way needs to be paved for a new spirit. Sometimes there are guiding spirits that need oxygen. Sometimes it is a process of balancing these spirits. Every instance differs somewhat.
I also work with the local landscape that I have a special affinity for, perhaps conducting a tree-planting ceremony, or harmonising work in that area. As you know, this town has a rich history being a pioneering fishing town, once home to a thriving Indigenous culture, is a popular tourist destination, has many offbeat characters and the cliffs at the Headland have seen many tragic suicides over the years. It is home to diverse fauna, flora and striking landforms. The Sea-Eagle is always high in the sky watching. More on the Headland Spirits.  More on North Head Spirits.

Thank you, perhaps we can talk more soon?
OK, why not!.


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